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Reasons You Should Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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  1. The plot.

    Evangelion has one of the most complex plots ever conceived. At first, it seems like any other anime, a 14 year old boy living in a post-apocalyptic word where giant monsters known as "Angels" attack at random, and the only person that can stop them is the 14 year old boy, Shinji. However, that's only half the plot. The other half focuses on the relaitonships of the characters and the end of the world. Lots of Illuminati, Christianity, and psychological symbolism. Lots of nightmare fuel. Lots of psychological trauma. The most dramatic and unpredictable plot twists. 

    The plot goes from "Let's beat the monsters with giant robots!" to "Why do I exist? Why do humans exist?" in a matter of seconds.


  2. The music.

    Adding to the nightmare fuel is the music, which can go from a happy upbeat opening, to a extremely disturbing vocal synth, to a the use of classical music. Most of them will be stuck in your head, or you'll remember specific melodies within the show, or you'll notice reoccurring themes.

    Examples of what I mean from "upbeat" to "disturbing".



    Probably gonna give you nightmares.



  3. The Year of the Eva.

    The show takes place (mostly) in 2015. And for an anime made in 1995, it holds up in technological terms, such as a "SDAT" player, which is similar to a cassette version of an iPod, cell phones, and even video games that appear for a brief second.


  4. The theories.

    Along with the plot, there are also the fan theories trying to fill in the mysterious plot holes, trying to connect dots which are hidden in plain sight, but also easily missed. To this day, I still don't know most of what happens, and I've spent HOURS researching these theories, each of them becoming more and more disturbing. The best part? The creator fully intended for fans to come up with these theories.


  5. Pen-Pen.

    Need I say more?


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