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Does Anyone Here Watch The Eurovision Song Contest

ooh la la

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everyone always watches it in ireland it is kind of fun the whole voting bit where every country is shown on tv giving the results for who their country voted for. i think it is around may the irish entry is actually good this year this is it


ye all better vote for ireland, only joking.

this one here i think is the best entry we ever had



this entry was a hoot it was like xena the warrior princess 



this one was good too and the guy singing too is hot


this is what i think is one of the best the only one i added to the mp3 player that and the fairytale one


also riverdance started out as a half time performance for the eurovision when ireland was presenting it



so if you do watch it what ones are your fav and do you think your country has a chance this year of winning it

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I used to watch it as a kid, as the time passes by it becomes more and more crap for multiple reason:

1. all of the countries give their entries in English while the point of the festival was to show cultural and lingual diversity in Europe, so they are all supposed to sing in their own language.

2. It became political, neighborhood countries give eachother the most points no matter if they were good or bad

3. Random countries joining: such as Israel, and now Australia, why do they still even call it Eurovision tbh?

4: The music became cheap mainstream shit and many of the countries dont even try anymore.

So basically the whole idea of concept of Eurovision has been completely lost :( too bad, it used to be an amazing festival everyone worldwide loved to watch.

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