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main page Britney Spears: Life Is A Beach On Itunes!

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Don't know if AP. God, I saw this yesterday, and I thought it was a joke. wtf is this mess? It is supposed to be the Onyx Hotel Tour, but, Life is a Beach??? :orangu:

Am I paranoid, or am I seeing things?  Please tell me this isn't real :gloria: But still, is it possible to just make your own fake albums and sell them on iTunes or stuff? Enlighten me...





1 Toxic (Live) 3:49

2 Protected (Live) 3:05

3 Boys (Live) 3:32

4 Showdown (Live) 3:06

5 Baby, One More Time (Live) 3:26

6 Oops! I Did It Again (Live) 3:07

7 You Drive Me Crazy (Live) 7:02

8 Everytime (Live) 4:05

9 The Hook Up (Live) 4:06

10 I'm a Slave 4 U (Live) 3:34

11 Shadow (Live) 3:36

12 Touch of My Hand (Live) 4:39

13 Breathe on Me (Live) 4:04

14 Outrageous (Live) 2:36

15 I Got That (Boom Boom) [Live] 8:35

16 Me Against the Music (Live)





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