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Don't know if AP. God, I saw this yesterday, and I thought it was a joke. wtf is this mess? It is supposed to be the Onyx Hotel Tour, but, Life is a Beach??? :orangu:

Am I paranoid, or am I seeing things?  Please tell me this isn't real :gloria: But still, is it possible to just make your own fake albums and sell them on iTunes or stuff? Enlighten me...





1 Toxic (Live) 3:49

2 Protected (Live) 3:05

3 Boys (Live) 3:32

4 Showdown (Live) 3:06

5 Baby, One More Time (Live) 3:26

6 Oops! I Did It Again (Live) 3:07

7 You Drive Me Crazy (Live) 7:02

8 Everytime (Live) 4:05

9 The Hook Up (Live) 4:06

10 I'm a Slave 4 U (Live) 3:34

11 Shadow (Live) 3:36

12 Touch of My Hand (Live) 4:39

13 Breathe on Me (Live) 4:04

14 Outrageous (Live) 2:36

15 I Got That (Boom Boom) [Live] 8:35

16 Me Against the Music (Live)





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it's not official tho 

I don't know something unofficial can end up in Spotify and iTunes :bomt: I can't wait til they upload Rebellion tbh

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LMAO! :loldisidiot: 

It isn't the first time an unofficial album/ unreleased song gets uploaded in Spotify... 

At least we can play the OHT song there now  :trollney:


Now jamming to the cabaret remix of Baby One More Time :thirsty:

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Seriously wtf is this :gloria::orangu: it is so random. I guess its confirmed now, britney will do promo for B9 and she will sing it completely live :mhm: get ready

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Seriously this is some random shit :gloria:


Team Britney wants us to wait for Pretty Girls while jamming to ITZ Tour material. Maybe this is a hint that ITZ-Ney will be back? LOL :thatsfunny:

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James you're like 2 day late :gloria: I mean you know.. :moorangu:


It's just released, honey. What do you mean? :pieceofwhat: It's not an April Fool joke either

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:zoomzoom:  :omg1:

#BuyBitchBetterLeakDoYouWannaBuildASnowmanOniTunes  :bomt:


Source: http://variety.com/2015/film/news/disney-announces-frozen-2-1201451480/


Disney officially announced plans to produce a sequel to “Frozen.â€

The company revealed plans during the Walt Disney Co.’s annual shareholders meeting on Thursday from San Francisco.

The first film’s directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck are developing the project with producer Peter Del Vecho for Walt Disney Animation Studios, which took home the Oscar for animated feature for the film.


A release date and production details are yet to be announced. But John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, told that Britney Spears' new song off of her brand new album will be featured as a promotional song for this Frozen's sequel. "She came to me and said that she loves Do You Wanna Build A Snowman," said Lasseter "She then decided to do an urban version of this song that features dub-step and sick beats. It turns out to be a really great track. Fans won't be disappointed."


He also made the announcement with Disney chief Bob Iger, and Josh Gad, who voices the character of Olaf in “Frozen.â€


The sequel doesn’t come as much of a surprise, considering how the first film continues to be a major moneymaking force for Disney’s divisions since its release Nov. 22, 2013 — and helped reinvigorate Walt Disney Animation Studios.


“Frozen†generated nearly $1.3 billion at the box office and has become a merchandising juggernaut, breaking sales records on homevideo and at Disney’s stores.


Outside of a Broadway show and the animated short “Frozen Fever, “Disney has kept its “Frozen†sequel plans quiet until now.

“Frozen Fever,†which reunites the toon’s characters and song writers, will unspool in front of Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Cinderella,†out in theaters this weekend.


“We enjoyed making ‘Frozen Fever’ so much and being back in that world with those characters,†Lasseter said. “Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have come up with a great idea for a sequel and you will be hearing a lot more about it and we’re taking you back to Arendelle. We are so excited about that.â€


Disney used its shareholder meeting to also announce details of its next “Star Wars†films, with Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars: Episode VIII,†to bow May 26, 2017, and Gareth Edwards’ standalone “Star Wars†film, “Rogue One†to star Felicity Jones and be released Dec. 16, 2016.


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Nice try I even clicked the source :gloria:

Ahh You and your fake excluisives   :tea:


Wait til it becomes real, honey. Bookmark this page :queenflopga:

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