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What Do You Eat For Dinner Every Week

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what do you have/cook for dinner every week, like people just rotate around the same recipes for the seven days in the week that's what i mean.thought it would be a good idea for other fans to share ideas of what food they cook for dinner everyday so to give people an idea to cook something different.

so this is what  i cook for everyone when it's my turn

(1)pasta bake with tomatoe sauce, cheese on top sweetcorn mixed with the pasta.


(2)chicken chasseur (i use knor chasseur powder added to water for the flavour)you mix it in one pot along with the potatoes chicken carrots and peas to thicken.


(3)lasagne turkey instead of beef and just make normal white sauce .


(4) spaghetti Bolognese using turkey mince (you can get a mincer to make your own mince)


(5)quiche i make it with cut up wafer ham, tomato and mushrooms don't put cheese on it.


(6)chicken korma just buy a jar of the sauce.


(7)then sunday just get chicken fillet per person slit in in the middle. make stuffing (go to the shop the day before in the evening to get a marked down French bread baguette for like ten cent)put the stuffing in the middle and wrap each fillet with streaky bacon. then do oven roasted potatoes with kerrygold butter and cook honey baked sliced carrot.


 thats all i can make which is pretty good for an irish person as a nation we just boil everything for hours and call it dinner.

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I don't eat the same things all the time, but most of the time i eat : 


Pasta carbonara


Lasagnes with salmon and spinach (so so so good)


Green beans cooked with butter, garlic (i don't know if that's the right name in english? it's "ail" in french) and fried onions.


A chicken, put it in a cooked bag (again i don't know how you call that) with a special seasoning that you buy. Then put it on the oven. The chicken is very tender and it's not a "dry texture" and there will be a sauce with it, and  the chicken itself will kinda have the taste of the seasoning. (i don't know if it's clear, you can look instructions there : http://www.maggi.co.uk/products/so-juicy/sticky-bbq-chicken/) it's really good tbh


Steak and paste , but for the steak i cook it with butter and i add "herbes de provence", a little of black pepper and salt. And then when the steak if done, don't stop the heat, i put the steak in my plate and i put my pasta (obviously i cooked them normally before that) in the juice from the meat in the frying pan i used for my steak, you mix it with the juice for 1 or 2 minutes and like that they will have the taste of the seasoning and the meat.


Also a "poelée savoyarde" in french. You cook potatoes in a frying pan, then add lardons, and then when it's cooked, you add reblochon cheese (cut it so it will melt faster) and with a little of crème fraiche (i read it was "sour cream" in english?), mix it from time to time obviously and cook with low/medium heat so it doesn't "burn". 



Then i don't have anything that comes to my mind.. everything else is very basic tbh.


And for dessert sometimes i like to cook a pizza with Nutella and bananas, it's really good. Or an apple pie, but instead of a basic dough, i do it with a pizza dough, i like it much better.

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

right now I'm vegan, so I eat a lot of eggplant over gluten free noodles, cuz I luv3 it :P or stir fry, imitation meat as well, yea I change it up but now as often as I used to change up my meals before I went vegan :selenerz: 

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