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Iggy Azalea Confirms Britney Spears New Album Is Ready?


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iggyyyyyyy iggy

Dear Iggy, what are you doing to the Britney army right now, you are confusing us!

Iggy Azalea talked with MTV at the Iheart radio music awards and spilled that Britney Spears new album is ready. Do you think we might get a surprise release album from Britney? Iggy then spoke about her lunch date with Britney and how she really enjoys working with our girl Britney. At this point anything can happen with a new album, like always we have to wait and see folks.


to watch the interview. 

Read it on our mainsite!
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didn't britney just say a week or two ago that she was going to "Take her time with the album"? :pieceofwhat:

how is it already ready??? :zoomzoom: wtf? :icantt: and I could have sworn I read that the single was "Iggy Feat. Britney" :icantttt:

I think she's just talking to get the new song hyped af. :idontunderstand:

Britney did billboard mag interview and shoot in February (that was a couple months ago) alot can happen and Change in a couple months and Plus britney has been recording Since last year
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