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Recommended Your Favourite Film To Watch

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thought it would be a good idea for britney fans to recommend to other britney fans what film to watch in the future. so what is your fav film that you vouch for other people to watch. so i would recommend the film return to me which has lovely soundtrack attached to it jewels song angel standing by. the second film would be the matchmaker with janeane garofalo it is so funny.

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Comedy: Whip It (2009), The To Do List (2013), Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010), The Change-Up (2011), The DUFF (2015)

Horror: Oculus (2014), Evil Dead (2013), The Descent (2006),  You're Next (2011), Sorority Row (2009) 


*I tried to pick movies that most people havent seen to avoid repeating movies :)

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watching grace of Morocco the one with nicole kidman in it,it is so so bad.my sister googled it in the video store to see if was any good she said it got 62% on rotten tomatoes. then we all started watching and it was so bad then we realised the film review was for another film.it actually got 9% on rotten tomatoes

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