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ooh la la

Do You Donate Money To Charity On A Regular Basis

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what do you think of donating money to chairty do you think it is putting an actual band aid on the problem or do you think it makes a difference. do you donate to a charity or straight to the source. i don't donate money on a regular basis i'm not rich but i suppose like everyone else i could afford to give a small amount that you's spend like on a drink.i'm watching the uk comic relief don't think i can donate due to where i live. don't really like the idea of donating to an organisation because there is allot of bureaucracy and bureaucracy  costs.all i do is if there is a charity collection box at a till i put in any one or two cents that i get back with the change.

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Never. You never know what they really do with the money.

Otherwise i regularly give clothes that i don't wear anymore to people who can't afford to buy some. And i give food to some associations who then give it to homeless people.

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I do, but only to the red cross and unicef as they are the only reliable ones. God knows what the others do, a lot of them just lie and take the money to themselves :ewomg: but I don't donate on daily basis, once per month :tbh: 

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