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ooh la la

God Nick Gorden Is So Guilty

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was on the daily mail and clicked the video attached to the article. he is so guilty. i have a fifth sense about reading people i think he is a sociopath and i think he may also be responsible for whitney houston death i think her case will be reopened.you can see it in his eyes and his whole aura he is playing a game he is trying to play the insanity card every body  movement  seems thought out. you can also see on his face he is kind of smirking and overreacting his despair in his voice.it reminds me of when a person makes out their sore throat is worse than it is.he may believe it himself thats how much i am getting the feeling he is a sociopath. also the way he keeps calling whitney houston mom like it is some competition was he not a fully grown teenager when he lived with them.who you call mom for the rest of life usually occurs before your ten you don't start calling people that in your teens.

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