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Do You Celebrate Saint Patricks Day

ooh la la

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Its just an excuse to get drunk which the Irish population are 100% of the time anyway tumblr_mwc8r2AgKa1qclilyo1_500.gif

i do agree that they are people in the country who have alcohol issues.but the irish population is not drunk 100% of the time,i don't drink never been drunk in my life.my siblings don't drink and allot of people i know don't drink either there are actually allot of pioneers in our country from older generations.allot of countries drink alcohol allot French, Germans beer,polish there are loads of people just immigrated from there in our country they have a drink culture also,russia is famous for vodka.i think it is insulting to say our equivalent of the fourth of July and Bastille day is an excuse to get drunk.the reason we use saint Patrick as our national day is because if we based the day on a date of independence there would be trouble. the reason there would be trouble is because our country is broken up into the republic of Ireland and northern Ireland which still belongs to the united kingdom.it has to be a day that both republic and the north would celebrate.in the north there has been troubles for decades between people who want to remain with the uk and people who want a united Ireland. so if it was a day that celebrated independence in the republic the loyalists in northern ireland would be very unhappy and it maybe would break the peace process or increase tensons. maybe watch bloody sunday film about the 1972 bloody sundayhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloody_Sunday_%281972%29 or learn about the other bloody sunday. the other bloody sunday in 1920 was when a british army tank went into croke park in dublin Ireland during a football match and started firing the army tank at spectators civilians watching the match in the stands. 

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