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Do You Think Dr Phil Is A Creep

ooh la la

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i read an article about where he just done an intervention with whitney houstons daughters boyfriend.i personally think he is an exploitive two faced fake misogynist . I find it ironic how he has all these books on weight loss when he is actually a overweight person himself a suit can disguise a multitude of fat. i watched his show before like years ago really and it was cringe worthy him trying to tell jokes and the woman in the audience like laughing like he is their version of daniel o'donnell.and at the end of the show where he walks off holding his wifes hand has she not anything better to be doing than sitting the whole time watching her husband. why people would ask for his help god knows i hate his show it is so exploitive and unethical, most people who partake would be having mental issues or are intoxicated so how can they consent to partake in the show.i wouldn't be surprised in the future if some scandals came out about him. he reminds me of an ambulance chaser. 

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Didn't he try to visit Britney or something too during her breakdown?

I am really pissed he is allowing Nick Gordon to have his own interview despite being suspected of attempted murder, when the opposing side (BK) is basically brain dead in a coma since January. It is tasteless and it is all for $$$$$. In such case, the only people I support in this is Bobby Brown and Cissy Houston. Everyone else on his side of family is greedy and selling fake stories and same with the Houston family. Something is very amiss and I am so sad BK lost the only thing she trusted (her mom). After watching that reality show they forced her into I have zero respect for Pat Houston & co. They are all suspicious and only care about $

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