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Is Anyone Else Here Worried About Isis

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i am actually worried and after reading this article i am even more worried that there will eventually be a world war 3.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2983901/Barbaric-ISIS-jihadis-string-bodies-hanged-soldiers-metal-frame-city-Syrian-troops-cruelly-paraded-streets-cages.html the video in the article of bringing the cages through the town and the people in the crowd putting there hand up to salute it gives me the chills and reminds me of the interaction of Hitler and the crowds.the way they put the bodies of the people on the bridge is scary and it worries me that the citizens of that country may just go along with it due to fear and their economic position.it also scares me the fact that this group get it's finance from the drug trade they made one billion last year in drug  trafficking so although they say it is due to religion they are trying to fight for drug territory and gain control over new areas. i find it scary that there were terror influenced attacks in Australia that has never happened before my sister lives there right now.its unnerving that there could be sleeper cells and just random fruit loops that are able to carry out harm more often lately.                                                                                                                                i know it is bad to say but in my home town there is an asylum seekers centre that houses asylum seekers and there has been a huge increase in the amount of muslum people from the middle east they kind of scare me.the men ware their full robes and the woman their full burka and they always walk behind their husband.they have a shop with the food from their country i went into it a couple of times i just felt uneasy. there were no women in the shop just like ten men wearing their traditional robes. they were talking in their language and standing in a group beside the till  so they could have a view of all the isles they were just looking at me. they were kind of rude as well when i was checking out i wondered why. i thought maybe they disagree with the clothes i am wearing and the fact i was by myself. then when i was leaving a man came in with his wife and she was standing behind him i could only see her eyes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               it is my view that maybe it was a bad idea of the american government to remove saddam hussein and overthrow certain countries governments in the middle east.the reason being maybe these governments worked for these areas and it is what government was required. the people within these countries are more educated than the us on the delicate balance that is required to keep groups such as isis at bay.           is anyone else scared about where all this isis business is going to end up.

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