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Bye Universe (Only Temporary, I Hope)

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Hello all Universe users who know who I am or remotely care about POMney, and if you don't know me Hi I'm POMney :hug:



Well I've had a hard time last year and that left consequences you can go check out the thread I made it's called my Story under help members emotionally section.


I will temporarily be out from Universe not because it leaves no time for something else but my best friend had a seizure and I want to spend more time with him, I don't know why he had a seizure he's at the hospital right now, so I might be back sooner than later or backward :crying2: 


I will miss you all so much :crying1: If you feel you want to contact me just Skype,or text me :) I still carry my phone around and a lot of you mean so much to me :crying2: 


so Goodbye for now



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