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Did Anyone Think Giuliana Rancic Comment Backlash Is Ott

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i never knew america was so racially sensitive i mean the woman just commentated on hair. who is most famous for dreadlocks bob marley is it not a known fact that bob marley took a lot of weed. it is crazy all the going on i thought america was a forward thinking freedom of speech country.it really surprised me how people watch what they say so much and are quick to apologize.any time a person from the us are on tv in another country they are like can we curse or say that. i think your allowed to curse and say what you want any time in irish tv.i don't think dreadlocks association with weed has anything to do with race there are also allot of other races who ware dreadlocks they usually hang out in tattoo parlor. it was actually really popular in galway when i lived there it is a sort of tribal hippy student town. there are loads of shops with tie dye clothes and hippy style they have a theatre group called macnas which are the type of people which i would associate dreadlocks with.

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