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What Is Your View On Using A Phone When Driving

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so i saw an article in the daily mail calling for their to be a driving ban or jail time for drivers who use a phone while driving be that for a phone call,texting or internet use. the person who suggested this was Gloucestershire chief constable who is a top traffic officer.what is your view on using a phone while driving are you for or against. if you drive do you use a phone while driving or have you ever what is your habit of phone use when driving.if you are in a car and the driver uses a phone would you give out to the person and tell them to stop. do you think it is a big deal and it's no harm done or do you view it on a level with drink/drug driving. i personally think it is the day time equivalent of drink/drug driving it's actually worse because roads have higher use during the day.before i get in the car and drive i put my phone on silent,put it in my bag and throw the bag in the back seat. i see people doing it everyday a couple of months ago i was on a roundabout a man joined the roundabout right in-front of me didn't even look to the right to see what cars were already on the roundabout cos he was talking on his phone. had to stop hard in the middle of the roundabout to stop being rammed at the side he speeded on and didn't even notice what he did. have you ever had similar thing happen. i also before watched an episode of traffic cops and they stopped a driver at night who was driving a very huge lorry he was stopped because he was watching a film on his laptop placed on he dashboard while driving.if a politician brought forth this proposal being on their agenda before an election would it stop you from voting for them.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2974402/Crackdown-drivers-using-phones-wheel-blocked-ministers-fear-election-backlash-police-chief-claims.html

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This is bad, obviously. I can't understand people that use their phones while they're driving, it's dangerous. I know my dad is doing it, and when i'm with him i always take his phone and i let it ring. There is a voicemail, it's not for nothing, people can wait a few minutes. Better than having an accident and be killed.

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