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The Manga & Anime Thread


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Welcome to the official thread dedicated to Mangá & Anime.


You can talk about almost any kind off anime that you like:

- Dojinshi

- Ecchi

- Josei

- Kodomo

- Seinen

- Shojo

- Shonen

- Yaoi

- Yuri

Basically, everything but Hentai, 'cause then you'd be suspended/banned for posting explicit content. Be also careful with the kind of Ecchi you post, some of it can be very explicit as well.

A FEW EXAMPLES: One Piece, Naruto, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Code Geass, Darker Than Black, D-Gray-Man, Mirai Nikki, Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul, Nanatsu No Taizai, Zankyo No Terror, Beelzebub, High School Of The Dead, Soul Eater, Another, etc. (This are just a few examples. You can talk about any anime you want.)

Please note that this is a manga/anime thread, not a Nickelodeon cartoon thread. Post only anime related stuff, please!


Before you decide to troll this thread with questions like: "What's a manga?" and "What is anime?" or so, read the spoilers below!


Manga (漫画, which could be literally read as "whimsical drawings") are Japanese comics. Unlike anime, they're typically black and white. Manga are often used as the basis for anime, but not every anime is from a manga and most manga are never made into anime. Manga usually only require a small number of people to produce, at minimum a mangaka (who is the author, illustrator, and all other major roles) and an editor. Unlike western comic books, most manga are read right-to-left.


A couple of panels from the Saint Seiya manga.


Anime (アニメ, a shortened form of アニメーション, which is literally "animation" when written as a loanword in Japanese) are Japanese animated cartoon videos. These air on television or are released to home video. Producing an anime is a large undertaking, and requires the work of an animation studio with a large number of people.

There is some debate as to whether non-Japanese cartoons qualify as anime. A Japanese person would say that any cartoons at all can be included as anime, including western series like Avatar: The Last Airbender or Spongebob Squarepants. Most people outside Japan use the term solely to refer to Japanese-origin series, or at least those which are inspired significantly by Japanese anime (so Avatar might count, but Spongebob certainly wouldn't).


An image from the Saint Seiya anime.

If you still don't know what any of these are, then you obviously don't belong here. But if you want to discover this great piece of culture - and you're serious about it and not just trying to troll me - you can and should ask!


I'll be updating this thread with manga/anime related news.

Make sure you check back for updates!




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I'm a huge Danganronpa Stan <333333333 Both, game & anime (actually manga too) are fucking flawless *.* <3333333333333333

I've just finished playing Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and I can't wait for anime *.* It slays <3333



These are 2 main characters from Danganronpa 2 dancing to Womnizer (in MMD) :3

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Fairy tail new arc just started :crying2: I can't deal tbh, and they will give Lucy so much more power in this arc and make her an S class wizard :crying1: And sailor moon crystal rework slays lives tbh :crying3: Those are the ones im following atm :mhm: Ive seen all of bleach , also one of my faves, and death note ofc :bomt: But ft bleach and sailor win for me :yay1:




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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

HxH is cool, but I'm actually never seen it in full because I can't get pass the fact that most of the characters look like they're 5 years old.  :orangu:

I've been thinking about giving it a new shot for a while now. Maybe I will when I'm done catching up with Kuroko no Basuke. 2132lnn.jpg

yea the two main character were actually originally 11in the manga :thatsfunny: which makes more sense than them being 12 because as the show continues their ages get all mixed up :gloria: but yea in the beginning they do look uber young but I think it's adorable :cutelaugh:

they start to look older as the show goes on, and it starts to get more deep and emotional. As you can see in my sig he looks a bit older :P

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I've never seen it. I'm guessing it's yaoi?  ;)

No it's not yaoi :gloria:

The plot is flawless <3 (in Danganronpa 1) 15 students are closed in the academy and forced to kill one another if they want to go outside. But it's obv not that easy, after the killing there is an investigation and the class trial where all students have to find out who the killer is. If they do it, then the killer is punished in a very... interesting way. If they guess wrong, the killer can leave the school, but the rest will be punished :tbh: I really recomend it! 

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I haven't keep up with Fairy Tail is soooooo long. I have no idea where the story is at, tbh. Yet, I'm surprised Lucy is going to be a S class; even though she's the lead, she was always, and constantly outshined by others. 


I was personally never a big fan of Sailor Moon, but Bleach slays. Too bad the anime was cancelled sue to low ratings. I still don't understand how anyone would rather watch One Piece instead of Bleach or any other anime at all. 


You seem to be really into female characters...!? I like that! 

You should definitely keep watching Fairy Tail because its amazing, like omg, youre gonna love it! I promise :) And yeah I am really glad they r gonna make lucy S class because she deserved it, they always make her appear weak, and now she gonn show em all :crying1: As for Sailor Moon, it really is a very good anime, and very VERY mysterious, its one of those old school classics, and i am SO GLAD they reworked it , it deserved it 100% . Sailor Moon and Dragonball are two animes which introduced anime to the western cultures :mhm: . As for Bleach, it being canceled was the worst news i have ever heard, because it was an AMAZING anime, i dont see how anyone couldnt watch it, like wtf? And yes :lolll: I really like female characters idk why, i just consider them having more emotion and their story is usually far better :mhm: 

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

Yes, I've heard that it gets better as it progresses, I will definitely give it a chance.  :)

I'll post about it, and what I'm thinking, and so...  :xf2:

oki! cool! have fun <3 b6ul38.jpg

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