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Joseph Kahn Directed Bootleg "power/rangers."


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I love everything about this! This darker, bleak, adult take on MMPR made me want this in full and there are so many easter eggs. (One of them I thought was the chair being from "Stronger" but it's not the same one.) Responses to this have been positive yet Saban is trying to get this version shut down. Anywho, the queen Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly) had this to say on her Facebook page:
kay... so you've ALL probably seen this already. BUT just wanted to share. Personally I think it's kind of awesome. BUT don't tell Saban that!! I might get sued. wink emoticon and it's clearly NOT for KIDS!! ‪#‎Powerrangers‬http://youtu.be/vw5vcUPyL90
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Me too, I didn't care for Rita Repulsa being a shape shifter in the end and killing everyone just to have Tommy be her, so to speak, Lord Zedd.

Also the short never showed how Trina (Trini) died, I know it was a nod to the original actress Thuy Trang, but how...? Are we to conclude she died completely unrelated to how her follow rangers suffered?

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