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Lana Del Rey


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i keep listening to Summer Time sadness The Cedric Gervais Remix :thatsfunny: :o

it's like the best disco song also a sad song , I wish Lana could release some joy full music :crying5: her music

are all about breakups just like that shitty swift. but Lana's songs are more meaningful :lips1:

but at the end I love & ADORE Lana Del Rey She's flawless and beautiful :walkaway: :fabrance: :crying1:

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1. Lana Is The Fucking Queen And Y'all Basics Have To Deal :mhm:

2. Actually Lana has many sweet, cheerful and lovely songs, but unreleased <3 Puppy Love, Butterflies (part 2), Driving Cars With Boys, Paradise, Queen Of Disaster, Ridin' etc. ;)

3. She slays! :crying1: I want new music tbh :crying1:

can you pleeeeeeeeeeeease send me these un released links? :sadney1: shes the queen her voice/vocals are AMAZING

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