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is it just me who is scared to..


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...to poop at someone else's house? TGHd7ar.png






what if it stinks? TGHd7ar.png

what if it leaves poo marks and there isn't a toilet brush? TGHd7ar.png

I always feel awkward when I have to do it at my boyfriend's house. I'm pretty sure his sister heard me do it last time. How embarrassing.

It's always such a traumatic experience. 


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But Ia tbh I feel unconformable going to toilets in a friends or close family house :gloria:



Sometimes I just keep it in because I don't want to do it there :moorangu: 

It's the worst when you need it in the middle of the night and everyone's asleep and you're paranoid you'll wake them up with the flushing  :sosad:

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