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Anybody Have Any True Scary Stories?

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There used to be a cool thread on Exhale like this let's start one on here. I wanna be spooked. Macaulay-Culkin-Scared-Reaction-Gif-In-Home-Alone.gif

Ill start. Here's my story and its 100% true.

One day I went hiking with my parents in the welsh mountains and we had been walking for a good hour when we came across a crossroads in the path. my dad decided to take the easier route because he's a bit fat and lazy. My mum chose the challenging path like me. I normally plug in my headphones (neemz megamix) and run off ahead to test my fitness. I was quite far ahead of her on this trip and I didn't see any reason to worry as wed done this walk plenty of times and there aren't many people about but I can't explain it I had this weird feeling in my gut telling me I should go back. So that's what I did. I went back to check up on her. At this point we were traversing a particularly tricky part of the hike. It is a very narrow path with a cliffface on one side and a huge sheer drop on the other. If you fell you would be dead its that simple. When I got back to her i noticed that there was a strange looking man right behind her (think hills have eyes). I found this quite strange as you don't see many people on these paths. He looked a bit manic and was sweating profusely. I whispered to my mum 'who is he?' and she was clueless. We walked on a little way and I noticed that he had hung back a little but he was still following us.So I said loud enough for him to hear 'why the fuck is he following us?'and if this guy was just innocent I'm sure at this point he would have at least said something lik hello or anything but instead he was just silent and staring at us. I'm a big guy like 6 ft 4 so I knew I could take him but it was dangerous on the edge of a cliff. In the end we just decided to continue walking I made my mum go ahead so I was in between her and the psycho. He hung back in the trees and as we walked he carried on following us. In the end I'd had enough so I turned around to challenge him and he just ran off into the forest. I have never witnessed actual evil but something about the look in his eyes that day still sends shivers down my spine. I can't be sure but I think he'd seen my mum on her own and was planning to attack her or something. I guess its just lucky that I went back to check up on her. I think god intervened that day. Safe to say we haven't been back since. The strangest part was we had seen him leaving the place as we were starting our walk. So he had turned back and followed us. So fucking creepy.

Do you have any scary stories?

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