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Bjork: Vulnicura (Now Out; Critically Acclaimed Woohoo It's Ha Best In Years)


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Bjork's new album and follow-up to 2011's unmusically bizarre Biophilia, called Vulnicura, is set for release in March. However, the tracks leaked! I've tracked down some of the songs and this album is gonna be her best one since Vespertine :mhm: Lionsong is amazing; production by Arca/Haxen Cloak has obviously gone through the Bjork filter before it hit the streets.

What're your guys' thoughts on the album? I'm hella excited to buy the real album when it releases! :excited: and if you have a link to the leak, feel free to post it here!! :qtb:


So have you guys bought the digitial version? I have. The album is literally the third best Bjork record after Homogenic and Vespertine. And PITCHFORK GAVE IT A GOOD REVIEW, AND 8.6 OUT OF 10.0 AND NAMED IT "BEST NEW MUSIC" HALLELUJAH PRAISE GODNEY!

WOOHOO!! Indiedom finally recognizing Bjork's goodness, I see Grammys y'all and Bjork has yet to win one, so I bet her time is due. LISTEN TO THE ALBUM YALL OR ELSE :evilbrit:

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Honestly, I think it's her best album since Vespertine; it's almost like a lovechild of Vespertine and Homogenic to me; the strings section is so vibrant and moving, and the Arca-assisted beats are pretty hard hitting, just like Homogenic. However, the strings conjure up beige patterns, and the beats are sparse and lyrics move on more like sung words than music and this album-wide type of detail is very Vespertine to me. It's a fabulous piece of art, and it takes an enormous shit over any fucking Madonna fuckery that's leaked or will be released, take dat haters :smokney:

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