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Artist(Group) To Discover-2Ne1

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Guest blehh

Hello ya'll! I am back :bomt: And today we are discovering the most famous Girl-group in South Korea, 2NE1.


2NE1 are a part of so called K-pop. It is a brand new thing that is getting its global success rapidally! And to be honest with you, well deserved!

2ne1 made their debut in 2009, as a group consisting of 4 girls.They are under the contract with YG Entertainment(yes, the same studio which has PSY under the contract), just like 2ne1, YG is also the strongest entertainment company in South Korea. I will make a short decription of all of them so ya'll can get to know these flawless ladies even better!!

Let's start with the leader.

The leader of the group, please say hello to one and only, legendary rapper/leader, MISS CL!


CL is her stage name, her original name is Lee Chae-rin. She was born on February 26th in the year of 1991. CL was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea (yes please do google it, its a gorgeous city) , but she spent most of her life living in France and Japan where she learned Japanese, French and English. She comes from a family of wealthy academics. In 2009 CL debuted under the YG Entertainment in a group called 2NE1. She sent her tapes to the YG Entertainment since she was 10, but she never got a reply :sosad: . A few years later she went to the building alone where she patiently waited for the YG CEO, so she could hand the tape personally, which landed her an audition (which she obviously passed) . And that's the birth of a legend.

CL also made her solo debut with a song called " The Baddest Female" which landed her at #1 on the Gaon Music Chart in South Korea. Hear it for yourself:

And a live performance of her song MBTD, slayage:

Up next we have the most loveable being God has ever created. She is gorgeous, she looks as if she just came out of a Korean fairy tale, her voice is amazing, say hello to the gorgeous China-doll, Miss Park Bom!!


Park Bom was born in Seoul, on March 24th in 1984. She is the lead vocalist of the group. Park Bom left South Korea at a very early age and moved to the USA by herself where she spent most of her school days. She majored in psychology with a degree from Lesley University. Park Bom's sister is one of the most famous cellists, Park Go Eun( please do check her on youtube you won't be disappointed) . Park Bom's biggest inspiration is Mariah Carey, which as she says, is the main reason she got interested in singing and making music. Although Park Bom wanted to start moving in the musical direction, her parents didn't allow. However she applied to the Berklee College of Music and got accepted. Park Bom applied over 12 times until she got accepted as a YG trainee :umomg: .

She solo-debuted with 2 singles, You&I and Don't cry, which both landed at #1 at Gaon Digital Chart (the music chart in South Korea).

The songs praise Bom's voice and show her true delicate nature. Hear it out!


Don't Cry

Next one to come , the face of the group, one of the prettiest women in South Korea, Asia's sweetheart, miss Sandara Park!!


Sandara Park, better known as simply Dara, was born on November 12th, in 1984. She was born in Busan, South Korea, and moved to the Phillipines with her parents at the age of 10. Dara got discovered and got famous in the Phillipines for her amazing acting skills where she started her acting career. In 2004 Dara moved back to South Korea where she was offered the position at the YG Entertainment by one of the CEO's which she gladly accepted. Her brother is also a well known, famous artist Cheondung who was a part of the group MBLAQ, under the contract with JYP production, one of the most powerful entertainment studios in South Korea, up until December 16th, 2014, when he announced his departure from the group in order to purchase solo career. Sandara Park debuted a solo single "Kiss" which also landed at #1 on Gaon Digital Charts.

And last, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, the Dongsaeng(the word Koreans use to refer to the youngest ones), one of the best Rappers in the world (according to my humble opinion and many critics'), one of the fiercest and most talented dancers ever,MISS MINZY!!!


Gong Minjii , better known as simply Minzy, was born on January 18th in 1992, in Seoul. Minzy moved to Gwangju at an early age, where she grew up into a remarkable dancer and participated in many dancing competitions. There is a reason Minzy is known to be one of the most famous dancers in South Korea, she has it in her genes. To be precise, Minzy's Grandfather was Gong Okjin. This name may be completely irrelevant to you but in South Korea, he was the #1 folk dancer known by every single person in the country. Minzy got discovered by YG ent. when she uploaded a video of her dancing on the youtube. One of the CEO's noticed her remarkable dancing skills and contacted her offering her a place as a trainee , which Minzy accepted right away. Unfortunatelly, Minzy still didn't make her solo debut, but it is gossiped that it will be coming out pretty soon, so we will have our poor souls blessed by this amazing dancer/rapper/vocalist.

Well, now that you got to meet all the members, let me tell you something about the group these girls are a part of . The initial name of the group was supposed to be simply 21, however it had to be changed to 2ne1, "NE" meaning , new evolution. All the girls practiced for 4 difficult years. They practiced their voices, dancing skills, stage presence etc. Until they came to the state of perfect.

For the end, I am giving you the best of these 4 ladies, the 2ne1 songs/singles, which became the reason 2NE1, are now the #1 girl group in South Korea.

This song is called I Am The Best. It is one of the most viewed kpop videos on youtube (after psy's single which went viral), and gave the girls of the group another #1. The song was also broadcasted on many American famous radio stations and was used in a Microsoft commercial. The song has an amazing beat, and the video is flawless.

This one is a jewel, this is the debut song of the group. This is the song which marked the beginning of 2NE1 era, the song that gave birth to the legendary four :umomg:

2NE1 made a couple of songs in English out of respect for their international fanbase.

And a couple in Japanese, because they simply wanna slay other Asian countries too :tbh:

No, they are not only good in making upbeat songs, they are hella good in making ballads too. The ballads that make you cry! Here are a few:




And best for the end, 3 songs from 2NE1's latest full album "Crush" ( you can purchase all of the songs on i Tunes ;) )




2NE1 are known to be very involved with the creation of their music and music videos which gives them praises from many critics and GP on their originality and sticking out from the typical girl-group cutesy style of South Korea.

That's it from me this time ya'll! I honestly hope you enjoy this long-ass thread, but 2ne1 are definitely worth it!!! Please, PLEASE, do listen to every single song.

And remember, music doesn't have a language. In order to enjoy it you don't have to understand it ;)

Please do leave your suggestions of artists you think should be discovered in the comments. Love you all :kisskiss:

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