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Nelli Gaidai

What Do U Guys Think Of Mental Illnesses? What Do U Think Of Bipolar Disorder?

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when u hear that name, what are the types of thoughts that cross ur mind? do u ever feel like the person who has it is in a way dangerous or would like insult u and lose temper? so u find them a threat. or do u think its very strange. i think i find it an uncomfortable flaw that is found in a person that has the power to make a person act out of character but at the same time, i look up to those people because to carry such a burden and a reputation the illness itself has, is soo so tough and usually those kinds of people are the kind to be so loving and humble and absolutely selfless because a lot of times they blame it on themselves but i know a thing or two about the illness, i wish the majority of people did too. so i was just wondering what does everybody think of it. (i do not mean to offend anyone by this post. sorry if i do, this is for pure discussion and interest)

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