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This isn't as good as Exhale


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Tbh Exhale has more colorful and varied people that's the advantage of a 10 year old site. More fun to post topics over there cause you get all kinds of responses.

But I really have faith in this site and it just started out having more exposure. If we work hard enough, we could build something good for us here. :)

If this continues it'll just be a matter of when!

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Do you really compare a 10 years old site (which is full of trolls) to a 2 years old one?

Nope I like it here so far! :)

But I actually want to build this and for it to last and I hope members in the next few days can remember this is relatively new, too so you can't really compare. I hope people won't jump ship right away cause it isn't as interesting the next few days.

I personally like the freshness here and it's our chance to get the good from Exhale without the bad that's stayed there for years. :)

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