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Artist To Discover-Mandy Capristo

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Guest blehh

Hello guys, a bit late this week, my apologies! But I am back, with a new flawless artist to discover. And this time we are moving from one European country (Serbia) to another, Germany.

This artist is a flawless girl from Germany and she goes by the name,

Mandy Capristo 

Mandy Grace Capristo is born on March 21st ,1990. She is a German artist and a songwriter, born in Mannheim.Her father is Italian, Vittorio Capristo, and her mother is German, Carmen.
Fun fact: Mandy covered the Tangled soundtrack for the German market :yay1:

Mandy got discovered in a german talent show where she won and was put into a group with two other girls named, Senna and Bahar(of Turkish origin). The group was successful at first but the team didn't manage to put it into the international market which was the main goal considering all of the songs were sung in fluent English. The trio released three albums and multiple singles which had good success in Germany and the countries around. The groups name was "Monrose". 
Following the break-up of Monrose, Mandy decided to launch her own solo career and in 2011 she released her first solo album called Grace, which did very well on the German music charts. Mandy also said she is influenced by Britney and Rihanna in many interviews. 

I mean if this doesn't scream Britney idk what does :lolll:

That's pretty much all you need to know about this flawless , amazingly beautiful and talented lady.


First I will give you a few flawless songs from back when Mandy was a part of Monrose.

I will start with a ballad that has heart-breaking lyrics and an even more heart-breaking music video. Mandy shows her vocal skills in the music video and in live acoustic versions.

And now an awesome upbeat song by the band. The song was considered to support the LGBT community , and break all the stereotypes about drag queens, and transgender persons in Europe. 

And now, some songs from Mandy's solo career. 

We will star with this upbeat song which did really well on the charts and is a fun dance track overall! 

P.S. she looks fucking amazing in the MV. 

The next song was written for Mandy's ex bf who supposedly died from cancer ( crying2 ) . The song was dedicated to the memory on him. 

And in the end, this one flawless song from her album (acoustic version) where Mandy shows off her crystal clear vocals once again! :yay1:

That's it for this week guys! Hope you enjoyed the new artist to discover! And of course, if you have any artist in your mind who you think is very good and deserves more credit, let me know in the comments! I will make sure to consider her/him!! 

Up to the next time flawless bitches :queenflopga: Enjoy ;)

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