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Madonna's Rebel Heart

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Have y'all listened to it yet? She released 6 songs of her new album bc they leaked on the web. IMO they're great, I feel kinda ashamed when I listen the production on them and I compare them with britney jean :crying3:

I'm kinda pissed off with the "Bitch, I'm madonna" thing tho :4music: I mean she knows she's madonna and she can do whatever she wants, but why steal something like the "It's britney bitch" ? I thought they were friends :4music: 

"Unapologetic bitch" and "Devil pray" are my new jams. Along with "rebel heart" which has leaked but she hasn't released it yet. Imo is one of the best songs she has ever done, it features avicci.

I don't like the cover aswell, but I almost never like album covers I don't know why, not even britney's :moorangu: don't hate on me

Slay queen! :queenflopga: 


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