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I'm Leaving For A Short Time

Miz Cracker

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As much as I love Universe and everyone here, I'm really sad that I won't be able to go online due to my laptop dead and unfunctionable, I'm leaving for the States in a week and gotta find a way to get enough money to buy myself a new laptop and transfer my laptop's hard drive files to a new one, the screen only works for 15 seconds but the keyboard is not working so sadly, I'm without a laptop and for me it's dead if I can't use it. I'm not used to using my phone that much for FB and social apps. But I promise I'll come back and enjoy everything with you guys, the Staff can put my account as inactive until I get a new laptop and put me back as VIP. I love you guys so much. I'll miss you Universe. BTW I'm on an old laptop I can't take with me :( and won't have Internet at all by next week since it'll be my last week til I move out.

Love you guys Always and Forever. Adore Delano <3

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maybe you can find a cheap second hand one and just transfer your hdd on that laptop!

I'll see what I can do about that, the hard drive is in perfect shape, I can just try to get them transferred to my hard drive is I visit a Microsoft store, my laptop? Not so good, don't wanna lose all my files and have to redownload them

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

awww :( you will be missed luv3! <3:hug:

Happy holidays, enjoy your trip :bomt:

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