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Nicki Minaj -- The Pinkprint.

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What are you thoughts on this album?  


I feel that I like this album a lot better then her last, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, but there are a lot of songs that should have been cut because 22 tracks is way too much.  Faves:  "All Things Go," "Get on Your Knees," "Feeling Myself," "Favorite," "Buy a Heart," "Four Door Aventador," "The Crying Game" and "Only."  


GOYK needs to be a single, the number of times I've replayed this song.  I'm not even bothered with this being another take of "Dark Horse"/"Black Widow" due to Katy Perry's involvement, my crush Ariana Grande just kills it and elevates the song so much more.  I suspect a remix with Katy Perry's original vocals will be released (a la TTWE remix) and I welcome it... just leave the belting and bridge parts to Ariana, plz.  

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