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How Is That "5 Nights At Freddy's" Game?


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I havn't particularly played it.

I am, however, the tech at a gaming-focused forum where 13-14 year olds rant about this game all day(Though it comes nowhere near close to the crap I see here...congrats?). I can get you in touch with them if you want.

My friends are always playing that game, i really don't understand the game, but i wanna play it, anyway i found some links but i don't know if they work or something (I can't download them now, it's not my computer)



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It's pretty good. When you start it's pretty scary, but it gets repetitive around the 4th night until golden Freddy. Over all its good and the story is pretty interesting an a great story behind it! The second one isn't really as scary though its more stressful then ever! :)

Oh thanks :) Where you dowloaded it?

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