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Will Madonna's New Single Flop?


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  1. 1. Will Madge's new single flop?

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    • Borderline Hit
    • Slay of Light

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As we've heard, Madonna's new single from her forthcoming record is to be released in the coming weeks. The real question is: will it chart successfully and bring Madonna back to form, or will it severely underperform? Or could it be a minor chart hit, enough to propel Madge to another #1 album debut?


Thoughts? I don't think it'll perform that well tbh; it took the Superbowl and two features to propel her last lead single to even break the Top 10, and ha last album holds the record for largest percent decrease in sales from Week 1 to Week 2 :ugohome: however, she has been really REALLY into the whole social media drumming, so perhaps she'll spur more interest this time?


Over to you now: what do you think?

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