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F.u.c.k. Amy Appreciation Thread :d

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Hey Universe :D, well Stefani (F.U.C.K Amy Loves Universe) has been feeling down lately so I thought we could make a thread on how much we <3 ( luv3 as Nini says :3) her.


I <3 U F.U.C.K Amy because you helped me get through so much, and made me realize there are actually good people in the world, don't believe the haters I know you are awesome, I remember the first PM you sent me :3 just to thank me for friending you :crying1: . Also I love how passionate you are for the things you love such as Godney, and Gaga I mean you create zillions of appreciation threads daily :cutelaugh: so please get a specialist to help you and I know we will help you get through this bump in life.


No it's your turn Universe :crying1: :

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