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I'm Really Lonely Right Now :(

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I'm really lonely you guys... :( I don't know what's gotten into me tbh... but the last couple weeks I've felt so alone. I just turned 17, I shouldn't feel like this.

Right now I'm sitting at home on my computer just listening to BJ to make me feel better. But it's like this every week. I feel so lonely! I only have one true friend. ONE. I know having one true is better than 100 fake ones, but it still hurts... and right now I'm homeschooling for some personal reasons. It's impossible for me to make friends without people thinking I'm weird or socially awkward, because of that.

I haven't been to a party in my high school years. I haven't been in a real relationship.

I have an amazing, AMAZING life. I really do. I get to have so much fun, but I have no friends until I log on here or another online website and start talking to people. I haven't had real high school experiences... :crying2: it's not normal, I know. :crying3:

Some days I'm fine and others I break down like this.

I just don't know why I've felt like this... I thought today would be better, but I ran into my best friend from Elementary school with a bunch of other kids I vaguely know eating together and having a great time. It made me feel so alienated for some reason and it was CRAP to see that. :( I'm not mad at them or anything at all, I just wanted to be with them.

Sorry for the rant, I just feel really bad right now and I want to tell someone.

The only thing that helps me right now is prayer and chatting. So, I thought this might help. :/

How do you guys help loneliness and having no friends?

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