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Taylor Fans... :orly:

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Her fans are just kinda.. uhm.. uh... :orly:


So I met one at walmart Im pretty sure yall know BITCH AMY got all Britney CDS and covered every 1989 shelve :gloria: Then this 14 year old dumb ass girl shades Britney and I was fighting with her :gloria:


At college, I'm alone fighting taylor shit stans :gloria:


My college prof likes Taylor and im like eww omg shes fake... We fought :gloria: Hes also the one I kicked with my hooker boots by accident (ON PURPOSE FOR CALLING BRITNEY A LUNATIC SLUT... so fuck him...) I also flirt with him for extra grades..


also on ATRL and Flop of the britney haters :moorangu: theyre a mess

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