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Holy Shit America's Gone Crazy


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sorry to bussy with my own country issues , yeah what happend over america is horrible but i have to be aware of my own 


43 students where bruned alive for no reason and the still now explanation at all and points to the government... 

yeah America has been covering that too; that's some scary shit to know your government can just "hide" something like that. 43 students don't just disappear. :crying1: :crying1:

here's an American website covering it http://news.yahoo.com/mexico-mayor-wife-detained-case-43-missing-125740260.html

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wtf kinda person(s) burn that many people alive?! I haven't heard that part yet. Were they trying to pay someone off or something?


as far as we know they where going to a peacfull protest  on the capital over the 68 student massacre but apparently they thougt they were going to rpotest and rage about some stuff that the government was doing

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I am sorry for everyone experiencing pain and anguish with their countries. I am so let down by America I feel as if we are moving backwards and not forwards. This is not the America so many envisioned before us like MLK, MX. The white privilege in this country is so depressing and a major major issue going on in all aspects of race

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