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I'm Gonna Watch Mockingjay Tomorrow


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I'm so excited!!!!!! I read so-so things that it kinda drags out but I had a feeling that would happen since they didn't really have enough material to split the book into two but whatever I know I'll love it  :yay1:

IKR I thought the same, THEY INCLUDED EVERYTHING, like every detail (and added some of them that you weren't able to read since they're not on katniss's eyes, so it's great)

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I'm seeing it Thurs night!! I'm ready to be slayed!! (Even tho Mockingjay was my least fav book)

It was mine too, probably because there weren't games but some people are saying this installment is really interesting and darker so I'm stoked to see it.

The ending still ripped my heart out I will not be prepared for that next year LOL

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Omfg guys the movie was amazing!! It was so dramatic and intense!! I was worried it would be boring because there's not a lot of action in the book, but wow the movie definitely made up for it! Honestly I think the movie is far superior to the book :crying2:


I wouldn't say that it's superior to the book, imo the thing is that being the book not so long, they took the advantage of it and made it EXACTLY like the book and also added some scenes that you can't "see" in the book bc it's narrated by katniss and she's not there atm etc, the thing is that they made it INCREDIBLE and the part with the song >>>> omg, I still sing it 

are you are you are you, coming to the three?

and the final scenes

and action ones

and :shake: :shake: :shake: imagine pt 2 :shake: :shake: :shake:

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