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Atrl Mess

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I cant at some pressed hoes calling mariah the youngest legend... :zoomzoom: Britneys the youngest legend.. And some beehivs at atrl :gloria: Taylor is an icon apparently and Beyonce is a legend...:icanttt: our world is fucked :thatsfunny: 


The times they put britney as an icon... and Beyonce as a legend... how in what world.. like wtf :icanttt:


Official Receipts

Britney--> 100 Million albums

Xtina--> 45 million albums 

Beyonce---> 32 Million albums 


let that sink in..


Britney--> 8 Million dollar pepsi contract in 2001

Beyonce--> delusional 50 million dollar pepsi contract :gloria: when it was only 3 million 


If anything Xtina is more iconic than beyonce.... 


ATRL puts taylor above xtina and im like :moorangu: the fuck...

they put Gaga above Xtina and im like :umwtf:




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