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I cant at some pressed hoes calling mariah the youngest legend... :zoomzoom: Britneys the youngest legend.. And some beehivs at atrl :gloria: Taylor is an icon apparently and Beyonce is a legend...:icanttt: our world is fucked :thatsfunny: 


The times they put britney as an icon... and Beyonce as a legend... how in what world.. like wtf :icanttt:


Official Receipts

Britney--> 100 Million albums

Xtina--> 45 million albums 

Beyonce---> 32 Million albums 


let that sink in..


Britney--> 8 Million dollar pepsi contract in 2001

Beyonce--> delusional 50 million dollar pepsi contract :gloria: when it was only 3 million 


If anything Xtina is more iconic than beyonce.... 


ATRL puts taylor above xtina and im like :moorangu: the fuck...

they put Gaga above Xtina and im like :umwtf:




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"let's just bypass her like the rest of the world did after 2008."

Britney had enough ammunition to come for Xtina for that line by bringing up FF receipts. Wasted opportunity, tbh


She should've said I'm allergic to bionic :gloria:

Britneys 8 albums in and can outsell xtina and jlo she shouldn't be a icon, she should be a legend.

Xtina was cocky like Beyonce she should be chopped.

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A long time ago. Too many active members and not enough server space. They open registration for random hours at a time throughout the year, and quite frankly nobody has time to hit refresh 24/7 for their CHANCE to create an account. 

:omg2: they should make the server bigger :bomt:



On a sidenote weren't we promoting on ATRL :omg1: Those... :4music:

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