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Kim Kardashian Paper Mag Cover

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I'm not going to post the picture because I'm at work lmao  :omg1:

but what do you guys think about it? This is my opinion... I posted it on my tumblr so I'm just copy and pasting


"I want to make it clear that the problem with the photo is not that she is a mother

That has nothing to do with the real issue

The photo is heavily manipulated, HEAVILY. She also manipulates her waist in her own Instagram photos. She promotes dangerous waist training, diet pill, and various magazine covers claiming the tips and tricks achieve the “perfect curvy body.†All the while Kim is praised for having a healthy body and curves.

That is problematic because she is deceiving the public by saying she loves her curves, but at the same time constantly photoshops her photos. This is not a role model you should look up to in regards to healthy body image. She is vain and ultimately very deceitful."

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