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Some Tips For Those Who Are In Depression!

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1) Be grateful for what you got.

Be grateful you have a roof over your head. For that transportation to your school/college. For the food you eat. For those close friends/family members.

2) Love Yourself.

You are beautiful, people want to be born again. But that doesn't happen. Change yourself for the better :) your life has a meaning. Let go of all you got from the haunted past, only you can make your future happy.

3) say fuck you to those who torment you.. :(

It's pretty hard to do... But it will make you stronger than them... Tell them to lick your feet :)


Just remember how GODNEY saved herself when she was living in hell.

5) everyone's a good person!

Everyone is a good person, however sometimes they make bad choices. That doesn't make you bad!!!

6) Yin+ Yang, balance out stress, + and - cancel each other out

For every negative add a positive. For every positive are a negative :)

7) Find something that comforts you :)

For example.... Lana and Britney's music comforts me when I feel low... Watch TV or get a hobby get a dog :)

8) Dogs!!!

Dogs are the best creatures ever!!! They understand people's pain and are known to rescue people during depression and sadness

9) You're Just Human!!!

Everybody makes mistakes.!!! Including god :orly: for making people

10) It don't matter who you are it where you come from how much money you have gay black a woman... You were born that way... BEAUTIFUL BABY!!

11) Bad Things happen to People

Bad things are actually good things... They teach you to be stronger in the future :) GODNEY for example

12) Please talk to me, if you're ever feeling low! I've had enough and these 11 rules taught me to get out of depression ;)

Also when it comes to society :orly:

13) Bish whet....

If you don't like what's going on don't be scared to speak up!!! Put your voice into anything that involves you

14) My Pal :bomt:

Get a friend or two and go for a walk, go to a cafe or sth and have fun

And LAST but not least

15) Enjoy Life!

Life's a roller coaster :). Just enjoy it you'll never ever see it when you die.. You'll be rocks :zoom zoom: and if you praise GODNEY and did good deeds you went to heaven :) it you praised beyonce you went to hell :tbh:

Lol :)

Please don't be scared talk to someone about what's going on.. I'm planning to make a help program for those in need :)

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