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I Must Say

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Taylor Swift is slaying and is coming for blood and im scarred... :umomg:


Shes breaking records and sold more albums than Beyonce within 8 years  :nowaygif:


like idk what the fuck just happened  :xf11:

but say hello to the new princess of pop then?  :xf11:

the gurl has 6#1 singles... i mean holy.

the awards and accolades..  :idc1:

she pops those no ass at all pills tho  :britney-arrow:

Britneys pussy and ass tastes better than Taylors

Britneys actually worth 500 million...



i mean come on.. no ones on her league....


so Rihanna and Taylor are the #1 bitches atm, followed by Katy and Gaga, 


Beyonce is a overrated piece of bullshit (icon eww)  :xf11:

but what are your thoughts?  :o


is she here to stay like alannis morsite and some other no1currs who sold alot of albums?  :xf11:




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