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This Bitch At Walmart :orly:


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so this bitch who hates Britney decides to block her cd shelve by putting in random cds by shit faves.. and im like HEY!!! what are you doing.. and hes like im putting the cds back.. and im like excuse you girl.. This is godneys section show some respect.. :orly: YASS i said GODNEY!!! He blocked GODOUT and GODCUS!!! how the fuck dare he? He had a gaga cd in his hand.. what would you expect from a monster? I later organized Britneys section... in order from oldest albums to newest albums... So  Blackout, Circus, Femme Fatale and Britney Jean.. PS I windowshop for cds at walmart :orly: He was talking to his boyfriend about me calling me a obsessed godney fan.. and im like bitch whet... to my friend.. and shes like wtf is wrong with that atrl dork.. and he overheard us and hes like stupid bitch.. ATRL slays and GAGA is qwen... :orly: Like ewww...... Gaga needs to teach her fans to respect other peoples faves...


he also did the same to the katy perry section and I was like :orly: I didnt organize the katy section but eww.. hes a 20 year old weak ass twink who gets shoved.. :orly:


anyways thats rude.... I did that to taylor last week I got in trouble... and the employer is like thanks for making our work alot difficult.. and Im like gurl.... Buy Britney Jean.. and hes like I have and I wish I can get a refund and some medical help for my ears.. and im like bitch youre working my last nerve..

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