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Term of Endearment

Updated: All Of Britney's Albums With Interesting Facts And Album Information - All In One Place! (Remix Albums And Rumored Albums Included)

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A lot of posts have been made about the Britney albums, mostly by the amazing GlenCoCo :hug:


So I combined all the facts, wiki information, sales facts and rumors from all different sites together and placed them all in one place.  :fun: These also include the incredible movie posters from ItsNeemzBitch! :excited:


This post will also include alternative album covers (in form of links) Animated Covers and albums that were not released - but rumored.. 


If you would like to read about video facts and single information - you can find that here:


I hope you enjoy this post - if you have more facts let me know and we will add them  :britney-awyeah:


Now let me break the ice....  :soofunny:








OH - and by the way - just wanted to remind everyone - ...Oops I did it again is still the highest selling first week album by a female artist... :lollipop:  Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate  :tea: Shake it off..  :xf9:  :fyea: Ok moving on Swiftly...  :ummlol:



Thanks to Mrs FCUK me - here are updated sales:


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