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Being Discriminated For Being Gay At Work

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So I think I'm being discriminated at my work for being gay.  :icanttt: Out of all the non manager crew members I've been working at this restaurant the longest. I'm super experienced and damn good at my job so whenever someone new gets hired, I'm the one to train them. I was assigned to train these new guys and they are always snappy and defensive when I try to teach them even though my tone of voice is very calm. Yet when my coworker (who is straight) tries to teach them something they listen with no problem.

And I'M the one getting in trouble because my managers are getting impatient with me because Im complaining about having to train so often but i can't explain why. I also feel like my managers are homophobic just by their body language and stuff but they've never actually said anything so I can't do anything about that. I feel so frustrated and like there's no way out. :( I've thought about just quitting but the pay is good and I enjoy what I do.  idk what to do...

Sorry for the long post. 


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