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Why In Earth This Song Flopped?


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I mean c'mon the song is by Max Martin

xtinas vocals are flawless

the video is pretty much cool

the beat omfg

the song :dies:


c'mon why??????




but srsly i'm asking why?

-Lack of promotion (just perfomred this song one time with jimmy fallon after 2 monts it was relased)

Xtina image (fat as the media said)


i think the song and the video are just flawless

very underrated tbh

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Did it flop? I thought it had done well. :aww1:

I really liked it, and Let there be love, and Blank Page, I'm not a Christina fan, but I really liked her back in the day, in her early albums, and I really liked this one. I was expecting more videoclips instead of all those duets that she made. I'm glad she finally worked with Max Martin. I've always said that he should write and produce the Britney/Christina duet I've always dreamed of. :mhm:


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and if that song dint flop we would have a better video for this flawless song



I love Xtina but I think it's hilarious how she tried to make a song that's obviously about sex into an equality anthem. :britdrown:



I think Your Body would've done better with promo, if she had the body she does now, and also if vevo counted towards billboard at the time of its release, 'cause I know vevo didn't start counting until 2013 and Your Body was 2012. :crying3:

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