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Taylor The New Britney, And Ariana The New Xtina?


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both girls feel like the reductive versions of the major pop forces back in the day. 


Britneys major force was albums kinda like Trailer


Taylors albums selling a million in the first week


Xtinas major force was singles kinda like Ariana 


Arianas singles becoming smashes


plus theyre vocals are kinda the same.. except taylors voice is shit compared to britneys :bomt:


So heres the new wave :tbh:


Michael Jackson- no one will even be close to his shoes

Left is Original, Right is Reductive 

Prince- Justin Timberlake 

Madonna- Britney 

Janet Jackson- Beyonce 

Bjork- Lana

Paula Abdul- Rihanna

Mariah- Gaga

Backstreet Boys- One Republic 

NSYNC- One Erection

Britney Spears the fucking queen-- Trailer Swift

Xtina- Ariana Starbucks



:gloria: Britney and Justin and Harry and Taylor :gloria: holy fucking shit :gloria:


So Demi and Selena are this generations Mandy Moore and other no1currs :tbh:

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If anyone wants to get close to be the new Britney it has to be someone with the star quality that Britney has, and from what I've seen, there isn't any pop girl that could pull a performance like Godney can so...  :blackoutsmiley:

maybe Gagar might? 


but she cant dance :gloria:


ew I used to love this song but eww she looks gross

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Meh.... Trailor Shit isn't nearly as magnetic, innovative, or tbh interesting to even be compared to Britney.


The Bjork - Lana connection is a bit tenous too, cuz their genres are so different, altho I get that both were the resident "divisive alt artist" thing. Lana's like the new Mazzy Star, and Bjork is the new Bjork :tbh:


So Demi and Selena are this generations Mandy Moore and other no1currs :tbh:


However, I see no lies in this :bj:

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