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[Req] Create The Cover For Freakshow!

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Hey y'all! Inaugural post in this section :excited:


Anywhore, as some of you may have seen, I posted a little promo thread a few days back about my new mixtape/fanmade album, FREAKSHOW (here's the link to betta acquaint yourself with the project :))


However, as I learned from my first project, I make shitty af album covers (for Martyrdom, flawless RadiantCreation made an awesome cover AND a promo mock-up of the album/CD and it slays me ceaselessly to this very day).


So I'm not even gonna try to make one for FREAKSHOW: I'll turn it ova to you guise! It can even be a little competition: whoever creates the best artwork wins!


From a producer standpoint:


I love this image (my fave from the Circus shoot, gives me a bit of inspiration too):



And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cover, but it's 300 x 300 and way too small (and I'm also not feelin Blackout font for this project):




not that those pictures in specific have to be used or anything, just what I'm vibin' to atm. Create away, you talented Photoshop beasts!

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