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Rank Your Fave/fave's 2Nd Singles

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1. We Belong Together

2. Hero

3. Never Too Far

4. One Sweet Day

5. Bye Bye

6. Thank God I Found You

7. The Art Of Letting Go

9. I Want To Know What Love Is

10. Butterfly

11. Can't Let Go

12. Love Takes Time

What are y'all's rankings for Britney & any other artist's you stan for?

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Ok, let's do it :xf2::pieceofwhat:  :swag: 

1-Work Bitch
2- Circus
3- Hold it against me
4- Stronger
5- Overprotected
6- Piece of me
7- I got that (boom boom)
8- You drive me crazy 

:bomt:  ;)  :bigsmile:

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