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Would This Lana Song Be Ok For Her To End A Tour? (Thinking As A Britney Stan)

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I'm saying as a Britney stan, because I'm not a stan of Lana, but a HUGE fan of her music. (I don't check on her everyday, I might check once in a while about when is she going to release new music, and download everything the day it comes out and blast it on my iTunes)


So, would this song be like...





     24. Fucked My Way Up To The Top


      - Outro -

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Like, would this be appropriate for Lana to end a tour, or for Britney to cover and end a tour with?


I'm assuming the former over the latter (since it's in the Celebrity section). As a regular indie/alternative concert goer (I'd still classify LDR as alternative, considering she's not Top 40 friendly in her topics or her songs), I'd probably say not. Most indie/alt acts end their sets with a crowd pleaser from an earlier album that everybody knows the words to rather than a deep cut from their latest album (in her case, she usually ends her sets with National Anthem/Video Games).


just my two cents tho :):aintevenmad:

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