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Anyone Else Watch "shameless"?

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Shameless is a t.v. series on the Showtime movie channel. It's dramatic, funny, tragic, and just downright crazy. It is highly graphic and inappropriate with a bunch of dark and light humor mixed in. There is an original version from the U.K., too. It'll make you laugh, cry, and cringe all in one episode. It's outlandish but realistic about the struggles of a poor family on the south side of Chicago.

I recommend it to anyone 18+ and who likes the more darker side of entertainment.

Have you seen it? Will you watch it now?



If not, tell me your favorite t.v. show. The one you are most guilty about. :surprise: For instance, I've seen every season of the Bad Girls Club. :ohno: And I used to watch the Wendy Williams show. Sad, I know. :crying1:

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