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The Suckiest Thing Happened To Me

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On Tuesday I freaking broke my wrist in gym class! I dislocated my wrist, broke one of my arm bones, and severed some tendons in my hand. :crying3: All a week before my birthday :crying1: Whey had me waiting in the ER for 4 hours before they re-set my bones (I had to have surgery) but the spirit of Godney got me through it. I just plugged in my headphones and listened to a playlist of all Britney ballads just to take my mind off the pain. :crying2: PRAISE GODNEY :crying1:

Now I'm in a cast for 6-8 weeks. #Onyxney :crying3:

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OMG Honey :hug: , that's so sad, I really hope your injuries heal soon, and you don't suffer so much pain <3:-*

I'm glad Godney helped you :cutelaugh: <3 , the power of her music is unexplained tbh :Godney:

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