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Shakira Is So Underrated As A Performer.


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I like Juanes :mhm: lol I can get you all this latino music for like 2 cents each :gloria: Empire is great :tbh:

I LOVE Juanes tbh lol, I also like Carlos Vives and Fonseca...and some song by Fanny Lu :gloria:


LMFAO OMG I definetly need to go there LOL, I ADORE Latin music, I bet even more than some Latinos :orangu:


Empire is such an epic song, I LOVE it, it's one of my all time fave songs of her and one of the best songs in "SHAKIRA." do you like "You Don't Care About Me" ? I ADORE that song

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I saw her 9th row at the Staples Center in Los Angeles during her "Oral Fixation Tour".... she obliterated every single soul in that arena with her performances. I even cried and truly became a stan after that.

I was on the nosebleeders during her "The Sun Comes Out" tour and it was amazing as well, then she came out to the parking lot after the concert and performed outside again... I was a few feet away from her. I felt my spirit leave my body as I died of watching so much slaying

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