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1989 Review


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The album is definately different from her previous releases. I was stunned by the quality of the music. I was not expecting such slayage from a reductive little girl :reductive: 


My Criticscore:


1) Welcome To New York--> 55

2) Blank Space--> 55

3) Style--> 45

4) Out Of The Woods--> 75

5) All You Had To Do Was Stay--> 80

6) Shake It Off--> 35  :4music:  :4music:

7) I Wish You Would--> 60

8) Bad Blood--> 80

9) Wildest Dreams--> 70

10) How You Get The Girl--> 60

11) This Love--> 65

12) I Know Places--> 50

13) Clean--> 55

14) Wonderland--> 55

15) You R In Love--> 55

16) New Romance--> 60


Total: 60




The album is okay...

I wish to see Bad Blood as a single

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Not a bad album, but I wouldn't overtly praise it either.  "Shake it Off" and "Out of the Woods" are probably the weakest songs on the album tho so why those were chosen to promo 1989 is the question. But it's going to be a big seller nonetheless and Max Martin continues to prove his dominance with female pop.   My faves: "Style," "Bad Blood," "Wildest Dreams [the standout track]," "Wonderland," "You R in Love," and "New Romantics."    

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I don't really like Taylor but I decided to give this album a chance. I'm currently listening to it and I have to say that I kinda like it! She definitely went Pop with this one. The thing that I don't understand is why did she choose Shake it off as the lead single, it's not really that good and there are much better songs on the record. Anyway, good job Tay Tay  :)

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